The Maboneng Precinct

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Over ten years ago, looking toward the eastern fringe of the inner city of Johannesburg you would have found a dangerous and dirty warren of streets and neglected industrial buildings with little street life or local economy. It would have been difficult to imagine then, that in less than a decade, a new vibrant youthful neighbourhood called Maboneng would be rising out of the urban decay and redefining what contemporary city living in Johannesburg is all about.

Maboneng means ‘place of light’ in Sesotho and the name epitomizes everything that this neighbourhood represents – a shining example of what life in the inner city can be. What was once a downtrodden forgotten part of the city is now a thriving junction of residential buildings, tree-lined streets, art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and commercial spaces humming with life – day and night.

Film and Photo Shoots We have created a place where you can easily find the perfect space or location. The space are rustic, raw and authentic. They are the real deal

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