Thursday Maboneng Night Rides

Experience the city like you have never before…On Bike…At night

Maboneng City Riders hosts an amazing experience for all bike enthusiasts.
When you think about navigating and exploring Joburg, cycling may not be the first mode of transportation that springs to mind. Traffic congestion (or least a local habit to constantly complain about it) reveals Joburg to be a car-obsessed metropolis. An initiative by the former city administration to encourage commuter cycling by building dedicated bike lanes collapsed shortly after it was set up, with the lanes becoming more popular with impatient taxi drivers. Yet in spite of this, a growing number of passionate Joburgers are reframing the narrative around cycling in the city, forming groups who cycle en masse and launching cycling tours of the city that showcase the accessibility and unique vantage point of life on a bike.

Casual Fun Rides. Explore the City at your own pace

Where: Meet at Love Revo, Maverick Corner, 299 Fox Street Maboneng

When: Every Thursday

Time: 17:00 onwards

Cost: R 150


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