A collection of old manufacturing buildings retrofitted with steel, glass and concrete. These original buildings fitted with welcoming street facing retail, commercial work spaces and artist studios juxtaposed with additions of more unconventional modern architecture rising upwards – making the neighbourhood more dense with additional levels of residential loft apartments and double volume penthouses.. This is the making of Maboneng. The renewal of what is now considered a contemporary urban space filled with the character and the charm of the older buildings that were given a second life, bringing the soul and heart of Johannesburg out though a new community of South Africans who now live, work and play in the city.

The vision for Maboneng is to evolve the precinct, revolutionising a significant portion of Johannesburg’s inner city and incorporating business, housing and creative spaces for use by people from all walks of life.





The Maboneng Precinct features luxury, loft-style apartments in a uniquely industrial chic style and modern feel along with handy ground-level amenities like restaurants, gourmet markets and local shops. In addiction to the living and shopping spaces, Maboneng has a variety of creative spaces and light manufacturing spaces